Modules of car rental software

Fleet Management

The fleet management module provides a complete overview of the state of the fleet - current location, physical condition, engagement, costs and income of each vehicle individually.

Rental Management

Quick and easy reservation within the form with all the required information. The possibility of overlapping terms of the rental is eliminated. Accurate recording of distance and location, complete insight into all the financial perspectives. Printing contracts and invoices directly from the software.

Employee Management

Employee whole details with salary, expenses, attendance and many more will be managed in this module.

Maintenance Management

Warnings about the future regular service and registration will make planning easier, excluding unnecessary usage of paper documents.

Customer Management

Insight into all customer activity, from income within behavior analysis in terms of the length of rental and distance, to preference regarding the choice of vehicle models. Quick and easy establishment of mailing and phone lists in accordance with the needs of the clients and address for promotional campaigns.

Expense Management

Expense management module allows employees to manage their business travel expenses or other expenses in a hassle-free manner.

Online Booking / Reservation Management

Cost-effective and efficient online car rental software ensure quick processing of reservation booking using a portal or mobile application. Even time taken for booking reservation is less.

Fleet Assets Management

Robust fleet asset management module that allows dispatchers to observe the location, status and fuel status of any high-value vehicles or equipment. Asset managers can establish geo-fences and receive alerts via SMS, email, or push when resources move beyond set boundaries.

Vehicle Tracking

You can be integrate GPS Tracking device with our software to know real – time status of Vehicle.

Rental Agreement Management

By the help, our innovative online car renting software, owners of car leasing business can reduce the availability of cars, make quotations, finalize deals as well as print and sign agreements with their customers with due authorization process even if they cooperate. The whole procedure could get accomplished within hours! Here the terms and conditions are mentioned such as rental start date, rental location, rental team and rental location etc in accordance with the different methods prescribed.

Invoicing & Payments

The customers can be able to make the payments for the terms of outstanding balance shown on the invoice.

Rates Management

Alternatively measuring all of your payments manually and later manually enter them on the system, you can have the system do the complete math for you. For example, assume your weekly rate is usually equal to the daily rate, multiplied by 5. User will just enter the daily rate for all your vehicles and then the system would automatically do the rest.

Inquiry Management

Enquiry Management Module is intended to give particular and individualized follow-up to enquiries created by every action. It offers a detailed drilled down approach to review and track each individual Inquiry.

Available Car

In the available car module, it is a system design specially for large, premium and small car rental business. The customer can view Available cars and user can book for that car.

Quotation Management

You can be store existing quotation for future reference. It will be helpful in you want to send existing quotation to new client.

Multi-branch management

Multi branch management module manages all the branches from the main branch and helps in improving the business.