Car Rental Mobile Application

Car rental application have a host of features for both basic and advanced use cases and can be fully customized with more features, enhancements, and integrations as per business needs.

Customer App

Car Choices

Clients can choose from a range of cars, view available cars near them, and more to choose the perfect car for their travel needs. Allow multiple cars and package types to your customers to choose from.

Transparent pricing

Clients can know upfront regarding available packages, distance, and waiting rates and use built-in fare calculator to present an informed choice.

Advance Booking

Clients can maintain a car in advance, give pickup details, receive regular updates about their booking status, car and driver details and more.

Security and Tracking

Allow your clients a safe car rental application experience with real-time car tracing and allow customers to trace their booked car themselves or share their trip with their loved ones.

Deals and Offers

Make new customers to your car rental business and compensate your regular ones with targeted deals, discounts and offers via push notifications, SMS, and email.

Notifications & Alerts

Alerts via notifications, SMS, and email for separate booking milestones.

Payments & Receipts

The fare payments with multiple options and proper ride receipts.

Car Pickup points

Clients can navigate to fixed pickup points to receive a self-drive car.

Driver App

Trip Information

Required details for drivers to get pickup and drops easier.

Accept Payments

Receive cash payments when needed and make the trip as paid.

Driver Dashboard

Get details on earnings, upcoming trips, feedback and more for drivers.

Rate Customer

To keep two-way feedback, loop drivers can also rate their rides.


The drivers can add toll, on-duty expenses and more to get reimbursement.

Admin Panel


Catch a high-level knowledge about your car rental business operations.

Manage Vehicles

Modify and add vehicle information and organize your entire fleet.

Manage Drivers

Modify and add drivers, approve registration requests, settle payments and more.

Manage Customers

Modify and add new customers, manage bookings, invoices, queries and more.

Manage Categories

Modify and Create vehicle categories available for rental bookings.

Manage Payments

Update and add your payment details, set commission rates, track payments and more.

Reporting and Analytics

Indicate useful metrics and numbers to make data-driven decisions.

Advanced Features

CRM Integration

Accommodate your customer data with a CRM system for an organized database.

Corporate Billing

Give your corporate clients dedicated panel to manage their rental bills.

Document Upload

Enable customers to upload license and other documents for self-drive rentals.