Features of Car Rental Solution

Easy and quick to implement. The platform allows you to connect to its users, fleet, booking and automating processes, freeing up working time and offering better services to your customers and agents.

Blackout management

For those times where demand grows out of control, you can place blackouts to prevent further reservation for certain vehicles at certain locations, to be submitted. The vehicle will still be displayed, with a sign letting your customers know exactly on which dates the blackout end so that they can change the vehicle, the dates, or both.

Track inventory of your Accessories

Track your GPS, baby seats, cell phones, etc. when you open and closing the rental contract. The software will prevent from losing any rental equipment. You also run reports where the equipment is located and if they are in an open contract.

Role based Permissions

Analyze the access level management of you users by creating roles with preset permissions. Wherein you have your Roles setup, all you have to do is implement them to your users. This was the quickest way to control what your users can do and what they cannot do. Example Managers, Reservation Agents, Rental Agents, etc.

Rates Update

With the mass rate updates feature, you can change all your rates by an amount or a % with just a couple of click to all your locations, vehicles or seasons.

Maintenance Plans

In this module you can schedule maintenance, create repair orders and keep track of costs and damage over time.

Franchise Management

In the carcentric365cloud there is list of different franchise level users with different accessibility options is maintained. And as per that level’s user can access the software.

Quick Dashboard

The user can track the reservations and all the information about the vehicles. The dashboard has a quick glance at the rental status, alerts, and sales etc.

Upload ID proofs (license/passport)

It is necessary to upload the ID proofs for the drivers such as license and passports so that to avoid the critical situation in future.

Statistical Reports

Total analytical reports regarding vehicle engagement and flow of economics within the time aspect and the various vehicle classes will provide you with all the necessary information on profitability and enhance the development of business strategies.

Mobile application

Android and iOS apps that supports the solution from your mobile to create quick contracts without having to access the complete system.

Real-time analytics

Using customized dashboard and reports owner can easily check real-time analytics of the business.

Notification management

Manage notification of the upcoming events, car maintenance, rent car due date, etc... Notification management is a customized feature user will enable notifications as per requirement.

Print Voucher and reports

You can be print vouchers or reports using car rental management software printing tool. And you can also print vouchers and reports using Bluetooth printer & car rental mobile application.

Ensured Security

Seamless security features are integrated to safeguard your business data while designing software.

Powerful Search Option

Carcentric365cloud is integrated with an efficient yet powerful integrated search options.

Live View Mapping

You can be integrate GPS tracking system for visual picture of where your vehicles are, offering real-time track and trace for you.