Why choose Carcentric365cloud?

Carcentric365cloud is the most cost-effective and easy to use cloud-based car rental management software designed specifically for managing your
vehicle rental business.

Carcentric365cloud provides a tailor-made solution that simplifies current tasks and reduces your workload literally. You can access our online car rental system instantly from any computer/machine, mobile application or handheld device connected to the internet or if you.

Or you can access our offline car rental system by using the particular machine.

Features of Car Rental Solution

Easy and quick to implement. The platform allows you to connect to its users, fleet, booking and automating processes, freeing up working time and offering better services to your customers and agents.

Student Management

Blackout management

For those times where demand grows out of control, you can place blackouts to prevent further reservation for certain vehicles at certain locations, to be submitted...

Course Management

Role based Permissions

Analyze the access level management of you users by creating roles with preset permissions. Wherein you have your Roles setup, all you have to do is implement...

Financial Management

Rates Update

With the mass rate updates feature, you can change all your rates by an amount or a % with just a couple of click to all your locations, vehicles or seasons.

Document Management

Maintenance Plans

In this module you can schedule maintenance, create repair orders and keep track
of costs and damage
over time.

Exam Management

Franchise Management

In the carcentric365cloud there is list of different franchise level users with different accessibility options is maintained. And as per that level’s user can access the software.

Hr Management

Quick Dashboard

The user can track the reservations and all the information about the vehicles. The dashboard has a quick glance at the rental status, alerts, and sales etc.

Modules of car rental software

Everything you need to complete your vehicle rental business.

Fleet Management

The fleet management module provides a complete overview of the state of the fleet - current location, physical condition, engagement...

Rental Management

Quick and easy reservation within the form with all the required information. The possibility of overlapping terms of the rental is eliminated.

Employee Management

Employee whole details withsalary,
expenses, attendance and many more
will be managed in this

Maintenance Management

Warnings about the future regular service and registration will make planning easier, excluding unnecessary usage of paper documents.

Customer Management

Insight into all customer activity, from income within behavior analysis in terms of the length of rental and distance, to preference regarding the choice ...

Expense Management

Expense management module allows employees to manage their business travel expenses or other expenses in a hassle-free manner.

Benefits of Car Reservation Management Software

In order to evaluate the benefits of rental car business, you first have to know what to look for. Carcentric365cloud- car reservation management software can help you in different ways. Here are some of the areas to look for benefits in implementing a software system

Streamlined Process

As a result of operational researches were undertaken on a continuous basis and by taking out user-task analysis at frequent intervals, our customizable car rental software online has totally streamlined processes. This boosts front desk efficiency as well as allows reaching out to clients rather quickly and serves them to their full satisfaction.

Connect with your customers

The customers can execute bookings from the website in an effective manner. The web alliance gives the bookings and confirmations quickly; the customers will be able to notice the difference.

Manage Bookings

As quickly as the customer enquiries on the website from their Smartphone or laptop carcentric365cloud starts manages the bookings. The main function of this feature is to analyze and manage all the business process in order to assure the fleet efficiencies.

Save Time

Complete the reservation process in just less than a second by using the smart auto-fill and user-friendly design options; thus, the time is gathered efficiently.

Car Rental Mobile Application

Car rental application have a host of features for both basic and advanced use cases and can be fully customized with more features, enhancements, and integrations as per business needs.

Car Choices

Clients can choose from a range of cars, view available cars near them, and more to choose the perfect car for their travel needs. Allow multiple cars and package types to your customers to choose from.

Transparent pricing

Clients can know upfront regarding available packages, distance, and waiting rates and use built-in fare calculator to present an informed choice.

Advance Booking

Clients can maintain a car in advance, give pickup details, receive regular updates about their booking status, car and driver details and more.

Security and Tracking

Allow your clients a safe car rental application experience with real-time car tracing and allow customers to trace their booked car themselves or share their trip with their loved ones.

Deals and Offers

Make new customers to your car rental business and compensate your regular ones with targeted deals, discounts and offers via push notifications, SMS, and email.

Notifications & Alerts

Alerts via notifications, SMS, and email for separate booking milestones.

Payments & Receipts

The fare payments with multiple options and proper ride receipts.

Car Pickup points

Clients can navigate to fixed pickup points to receive a self-drive car.

What Our Client Says?